Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday at Ruth Reichl's House

There's a delectable little tidbit in today's New York Times. Their regular article "Sunday Routine" features Ruth Reichl, one of my favorite memoirists/recipe authors/restaurant reviewers and, of course, editor of the sadly departed Gourmet magazine. It's a great quick read that may inspire you to start making your own daily bread, or just long to be a guest at her Columbia County retreat.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Freshest Fish in Venice

When in Venice last month, my husband and I were up for a lunchtime adventure, and, Rough Guide in hand, went searching the Dorsoduro for Do Farai. Hiding on a tiny street behind Ca' Rezzonico, Do Farai was empty save for some locals sipping espresso at the bar. A good sign!

It was hot. Really hot. So we ordered some cold white wine and the house specialty, carpaccio of sea bass. Little did we know the theatrical experience we were about the experience.

The fish appears, recently caught!

Presented and Gutted.


All that's left. Hopefully this will go into a soup!

The carpaccio slicing begins. Super thin.

Tossed with salt, pepper, prosecco, fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil. Curing before our eyes!

Quite a presentation. The whole process took ten minutes and was admirably professional with lots of care and little waste. The proud proprietor even brought us Prosecco as an accompaniment "because it's the best with this." The essence of Venetian cuisine: seafood: simple and fresh. Delicious and memorable!!

Do Farai Calle Cappeller 3278 near Ca' Rezzonico