Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pancakes! The Dutch Way

My hubby and I jaunted to Amsterdam for the long weekend where I was so pleasantly surprised by the creative, modern cuisine. One of our favorite places was called Pancakes! Located in the adorable Nine Streets Shopping area off the Western Canal boat, the restaurant mixes traditional dutch pancakes (closer to crepes than our American pancakes) with all manner of toppings from the traditional to the inventive. It's a cheery bi-level space with a couple of outdoor tables. When we were there two little girls joyously alternated bites from pancakes twice the size of their heads with playing kiddie games provided by the restaurant.

My husband stuck with sweet toppings of strawberries and yogurt while I concocted a savory pancake of ham, camembert and mushrooms (see the pic below). Both were delicious -the real star being the actual pancake batter that was perfectly chewy in the middle and terrifically crisp at the edge. Next time you're in Amsteram, try Pancakes for a down-home, charming lunch.

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