Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Would you like a side of misogyny with that?

I remember a few years ago when my now husband and I were dining at a fancy establishment, he was floored that the menu I received did not have the prices listed on his. It didn't have any prices at all. The Country Club to which my family belongs and where we dined often did the same thing so I was somewhat used to it, though I am glad that the practice is going out of vogue. After all, sometimes I'm paying the bill and would like to see the prices!

Today The New York Times Dining Section has a great article about dining gender roles. The gist being that waiters tend to veer towards the conservative when in doubt of the preferences of the table. The various specific are quite interesting and made me question my biases and preferences when dining out. For instance, I would balk if my male dining companion tried to order for me, but would appreciate if he let me order first. I couldn't care less about being served one second before him.

Its a very good read and suggests that formal dining may be a last bastion of chivalry. Enjoy.

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