Monday, February 8, 2010

Entire Bag of Chips = 5 million calories

Interesting article in the New York Times over the weekend about cracking the serving size code on packaged foods. Seeing how counter-intuitive and frustrating labels, I'd say it's about time that serving size represented the amount an actual full sized human consumes in a sitting. The Obama administration has been vocal in its support for healthy local eating, so fingers crossed that the FDA can get this overhaul done.


一高一低 said...
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signal7 said...

I would agree that it would be better if the serving size were standardized a bit more. Sometimes while I'm looking at labels in the store, I find two identical foods (such as peanut butter, for example) that have different ideas of serving sizes. The problem is that I then have to find a calculator to make an honest comparison between the two products and even then I have to recalculate most of the information given on the label. It would be nice to go shopping without having to be a mathematician.