Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mini Barcelona Guide

I recently sent an email to my sister-in-law with a few of my favorite places for food in Barcelona and realized it might be good to post. My absolute favorite drinking/eating tip is to order the delicious sparkling wine Cava everywhere. It's cheap, light and (bonus!) often comes out of a tap.

Biblioteca. Traditional food with a modern twist. We had a great dinner here which included a savory Catalonian meat pie. Reservations recommended.

Cal Pep. Traditional Tapas. Always packed. Get there 1/2 hr before opening to queue.

Pinotxo. Tapas stand in La Boqueria Market (which I also recommend visiting). It's a point and pick kind of place. Worth it to observe what others are ordering and copy whatever appeals to you. Great sugar-crusted pastries to start off your morning of sightseeing.

Mauri Pasteleria. Beautiful old pastry and candy shop. Very near La Boqueria

If you have anything to share that I missed, please post in comments.

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Thanks for posting this info!