Tuesday, December 9, 2008

San Fransisco is Burritoville

It was a little walk down memory lane for my husband when he took me to lunch at Mexico Au Parc in a surprisingly quiet and green area of the SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco. He used to go there for weekday lunches when he worked in the area in 1999 and was thrilled to find it still running (and popular!) almost 10 years later. The line was well out the door when we arrived before noon with our still-on-east coast time stomachs growling. I had time to ponder the pleasant oval shaped park with its playground and why this Mexican restaurant had a French name while we inched surely towards ordering.

We barely had enough time to study the menu above the cafeteria-style ordering/serving area. My hubby immediately spotted their biggest, baddest burrito, The Azteca (pictured above). A cross between a burrito and enchilada, it encloses rice, beans and meat of your choosing (I believe he went with pork), is topped with enchilada sauce, melted cheeese, sour cream, guacamole & salsa plus whatever extra hot sauce you may choose from their condiment bar. A lunch with enough leftover for dinner
I opted for a salad of sorts...with pork. What astounded me was the freshness and ultimate lightness of the meal. It was not greasy or weighed down with distracting extras. Just simple, clean classic mexican flavors. Plus, they offer free water! A great, cheap lunch in San Fran. After lunch, be sure to stop by the playground in the street's median and enjoy the swings!

Mexico Au Parc
24 S Park St,
Btwn 2nd & 3rd St San Francisco 94107

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