Monday, January 5, 2009

Loving chili. Loving spice.

Well, folks, it seems that I might love habaneros because of their chemical kick!

"TASTELESS, colourless, odourless and painful, pure capsaicin is a curious substance. It does no lasting damage, but the body’s natural response to even a modest dose (such as that found in a chili pepper) is self-defence: sweat pours, the pulse quickens, the tongue flinches, tears may roll. But then something else kicks in: pain relief. The bloodstream floods with endorphins—the closest thing to morphine that the body produces. The result is a high. And the more capsaicin you ingest, the bigger and better it gets."

December's Economist includes an article on all things chili: why we crave it and how it's becoming a beloved part of non-traditionally spice-driven cuisines. Pretty fascinating.


Hera said...

Endorphins! So eating chili will help me beat the winter blues and jumpstart the January weight loss?

Leslie said...

I'd like to think of eating a chili as the new daily workout! But I don't think that would be quite true. Still, I'll take the natural endorphins wherever I can get 'em!

Micherie said...

here is my profound comment: I love spice. I love the heat. But let me tell you that I bought some Habanero cheese and it was hotter than the hottest of hot wings. yummm hot wings.