Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slap Chop. Perhaps the most absurd food gadget infomercial ever.

Spotted this infomercial on tv today and was floored by the absurdity it was bringing. Apparently this product is going to give me a more exciting life and get rid of all my tears! You may recognize the energetic spokesman, Vince, from the ubiquitous Sham-Wow commercials. Watch out Billy Mays! Keep your ears pealed for "you're gonna love my nuts" and "frettucine, linguine, martini, bikini." What?


Micherie said...

i love Vince, he has it all over Billy Mays...and now I need a Slap Chop!

Daniel said...

I'm a Billy Mays man. Although I did buy a vacuum he once sold (they sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond, or at least did), and it totally sucked (and not literally).