Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big D

We're heading to Dallas this weekend for the wedding of one of my dearest friends. I am looking forward to celebrating this momentous occasion, of course, but I am particularly looking forward to the following things culinary.

1. Wedding Cake.
I've been no-carbing it for two weeks to look good in my new dress and shall reward myself with as gigantic a slice of cakey, sugary goodness as I can find.

2. Champagne
Because I always look forward to champagne.

3. Sunday Brunch at Fearing's
Fearings is the restaurant at the Dallas Ritz Carlton that Frank Bruni named the 5th best restaurant in America (outside of New York). When I saw we'd be staying within walking distance, (no, we are not quite ritzy enough to stay at the Ritz) I immediately made a reservation. I've already been searching the menu online and torturing my tastebuds!

Fearing's online
Bruni review:

Stay tuned for dispatches from big D little a double l - a -s!

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