Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There is no spoon! The (ko) Matrix

Amusing Matrix at Savory Tidbits comparing various critics' responses to dishes at foodie hotspot Momofuku Ko.

We scored a resy our first time trying and enjoyed a very fun meal there in its second week. I'll add my quick two cents saying that David Chang's frozen log of foie gras dish is the absolute best I've ever tasted (silver goes to the pineapple foie at Eleven Madison Park, and bronze to the grilled foie with cherries at Craft)

Thoughts? The best foie gras dish you've ever tasted?


Daniel said...

The time I killed that goose with my bear heads and ate its liver while its heart was still beating...yeah, that was pretty good.

Jeff said...

You have bear hands?! That's crazy.

Daniel said...

ah, the joys of not proofreading.