Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheap Eats NYC

New York Magazine's 2008 Cheap Eats issue is now available! It's a great read, with lots of finds.

I especially like the recession food increase tracker. We all know that the cost of basics like flour has been rising and with that the price of our favorite take-out dishes. But to see that a slice of pizza at Di Fara's cost 33% more than last year definitely hammers it home.

The Cheapest of the Cheap is the guide's essentials list. Though, if you're lucky enough to get into PDT (and a good disclaimer for the Cheap Eats issue would be that you'll be making up in drinks what you're saving on eats there) I would actually recommend the John Dog above the Chang or Wylie Dog. It's a deep fried dog in a bun dotted with poppy and sesame seeds and slathered with scallion cream cheese -your favorite everything!

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