Monday, July 21, 2008

Marlowe and Sons

For we snobby Manhattanites, a visit to Brooklyn means undertaking an uncomfortable journey to a distant state...a hipster state full of ironic t-shirts and pbr. But in the interest of adventure and triangulating locations we journeyed to Williamsburg last Friday to have dinner at Marlowe and Sons, recommended by DA reader Dorothy as 'our favorite restaurant' in Brooklyn. Boy was it worth the trip.

So market driven that its regular menu lists about 10 items, Marlowe and Sons was packed and hot. We started with oysters -the best I've had in recent memory, and then shared run-of-the-mill sweet bruschetta with white cheese and honey. Then things picked up. A special of lobster linguine (homemade noodles, of course) was devoured by our table, and choosing between the menu-favorite brick chicken and the special of homemade meatballs with faro, fennel and yogurt was impossible. Desserts were great too -especially the few bites I snagged of a chocolate caramel tart with sea salt.

Please make the journey to the land of buddy holly glasses and support this fun and affordable place. But, make sure to go early and bring friends so you can swap bites!

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dorothy said...

hi leslie! i can't believe we at here all the way back in july and i'm only now getting in touch. i'm so glad you enjoyed eating at marlowe + sons. i knew as a lover of food you'd enjoy it. and it looks like you had a lovely time in paris! i just subscribed to your blog so no matter how busy i get, i shan't miss a post ... we should get together soon. my site's launching on sept 23rd - after that i'll be less busy. hope you're well! and keep up the great posts! i love the one on making butter ...