Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to order the kind of wine we want. Plus, my favorite dessert wine

Over at Served on Serious Eats, Hannah Howard addresses, from a server's point of view, a very important question: How to serve the right wine to a person who isn't describing their tastes quite clearly? It's an amusing and enlightening article which does make one sympathize with the servers plight in dealing with difficult or confused (or already over-served) customers.

On the flip side, as non-oenephile customers, it is often confounding to describe precisely what kind of wine we want, especially if we don't see a tried and true fave on the list. At a high end restaurant, I tend to trust a sommelier or server to guide me, but I also have an arsenal of types I like at the ready. If I can say, "I don't like oaky Chardonnays, but love Gruner Ventliner," that'll usually get me in the ballpark. And if I'm particularly intimidated or doubtful of the restaurant's selection, I know I can't go wrong with a glass of champagne. I particularly appreciate a place that will let you taste before you buy.

Two things about this article struck me. One, I cannot believe that the woman in question describe the wine she tasted as "gross." That is just rude...and weird, not to mention unhelpful if the goal is to get a drink she likes. Two, I ADORE the Elio Perrone Bigaro wine in question. It is pretty and sweet and festive. Pink and bubbly! A perfect wine to accompany the chocolate truffle tart or a more summery cream based dessert. I encourage you to give it a try.

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