Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summertime Drinks

Last year while on a rare trip to the Hamptons I was introduced to the delicious and refreshing cocktail, Pimm's Cup. Citrusy and a bit spicy, it quickly became my favorite summer drink.

Pimm's Cup
one part Pimm's No.1
three parts lemonade, sprite, or ginger ale
mints leaves
slices of cucumber and lemon

Pimm's No. 1 is somewhat of a mystery liquor. It is based on gin, but like coca-cola, its recipe is a closely guarded secret. Secret of deliciousness!

A little ago while at our local liquor store, 67 wine, a Swiss miss looking young lady was giving out free samples of St-Germaine. http://www.stgermain.fr/ How could I resist? St-Germaine is made from Alp Elderflower blossoms and is absolutely tasty with hints of citrus and honey. Though we tasted it months before it was even near 70 degrees (let alone 95) I knew it was going to be my new favorite summer drink.

St-Germaine and Champagne (or Prosecco, or Cava)
1/3 part St. Germaine
2/3 part Sparkling Wine
Slice or twist of lemon

I was eagerly anticipating the cocktails to be served at a bridal shower I attended Saturday because the hostess is married to the mixologist at pdt and I knew they'd be top notch and creative. http://nymag.com/listings/bar/pdt/

And boy was I right to be excited. What was on the drink menu? Pimm's Cup AND St-Germaine Cocktails! How could I choose? Luckily I think there's room enough in my summer for two favorite drinks.


Lisa E. Smith said...

I would like to request more drink recipes - maybe something with rhubarb? Or any recipes with rhubarb...

Leslie said...

I actually do have a tasty drink recipe using rhubarb, Lisa. I'll post it shortly.